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MADD Loudoun County would like to thank all of you who donated through the GIVE- CHOOSE Campaign. Your donations will make a difference.
Mothers Against Drunk Driving Loudoun County Chapter
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MADD’s Loudoun County Chapter is a grass-roots organization, staffed by volunteers who get the message out that drinking and driving is unacceptable behavior. We do this in many ways. These include:   •  Assembling red ribbon cards for our campaigns.  We distribute up to 100,000 ribbons each year in Loudoun County.    •  Helping the Sheriff's Department with Loudoun County's Sobriety checkpoints.   •  Helping to staff booths at various festivals and events.   •  Sponsoring MADD events such as Walk Like MADD. EVERY SUNDAY -Office Work  Each person volunteers two to four hours scheduled from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM on Sundays and some holidays.  To apply please click the “Volunteer” button, or send an e-mail to and we will email you back the volunteer application form for you to fill out. Both adults and high school students are welcome to perform data entry. MADD of Loudoun County is involved in special events throughout the year.  These have included the National “Walk Like MADD” event, Sterlingfest, MADD’s “Tie One on for Safety” red ribbon program, community outreach, and others. Since its creation, MADD has worked tirelessly to end drunk driving and support victims and survivors of this violent crime. There is still much more to be done and we can’t achieve our goals without you.
Welcome to Spring! Loudoun County MADD hopes  that everyone has a safe and  prosperous New Year!
Photo Credits: Sophie Cristian (on left) is displaying her award for Outstanding Teen Volunteer for MADD Loudoun. She completed 98.5 hours of volunteer work which was reported to the Presidential Award Committee.
We Thank Our Many Sponsor for Their Wonderful Generosity
            WALK like MADD®, is MADD's signature walk event.           In 2012, the first year, in almost 40 cities around the        nation, thousands of people participated in 5K walks to     celebrate creating a brighter future without drunk driving   and underage drinking.  Be part of the fun in 2016.  Join our walk or be a virtual walker.  Click the Logo above to sign up.
Join us on May 21 for  Walk Like MADD